Sunday, June 5, 2011

Post 1647 - Getting There!

I am feeling much better today and will be returning to work in the morning.  Yay for me.

Spent some time this afternoon doing some yard work.  I gather this is what people do who own property.   They clean up the crap that's accumulated in the back yard.  They employ a device which snips off weeds that are close to the house and cannot be cut down by a lawn mower.  I had no idea at all that this was done.  Amazing!

This evening I spent about 90 minutes transcribing what appears to be the final audio file in the interview conducted back in August of 2010.  I have 12 minutes of material left.  I have not booked any more interviews until this one was done.  9 people have been waiting to talk to me.  I will try really hard to finish this first draft on Monday.

The past week has been one I won't soon forget.  I have had 2 bouts of sickness in 2011, each of which cost me a week away from work.  I am hoping not to have to take any more a sick days this fiscal year.

See you tomorrow.


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