Monday, June 6, 2011

Post 1648 - Not Quite! Soon, Though.

It is 10pm.  It has been a very long day, my first day back after being off sick for a full week.  We watched the season finale of "Supernatural" this evening.   Afterward, I came downstairs here and watched the most recent episode of The Killing on AMC.

I transcribed 6 minutes of the interview during my lunch hour today.  A similar amount of time remains in what I am pretty sure is the final audio file to transcribe.   I hope to finish on Tuesday.

This interview, in many ways, is the most challenging one yet, and certainly the longest by a country mile.  The research I have had to conduct, the fact-checking, the everything, has been far more than I thought it would be.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just explaining.

The subject and I  discussed many things that August evening last year, and I think you will find this change-of-pace interview very interesting when it finally goes up, sometime this summer.

There will be a prize associated with this interview, by the way.   We are working out a way for people to win a copy of a book, perhaps as well as a Bevboy's Blog t-shirt.   You will get more details soon.

Back to work in the morning.  How many years before I can retire again?  7?  Frig that!

More tomorrow.


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