Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post 1650 - Hodge Podge

Not that much to report.

I finished the transcribing on the interview on Tuesday.  Today, during my lunch hour and after work until I went to Toastmasters, I was editing the sucker.  There are heaps of unfamiliar names, so I had to source how to spell them correctly.  I also began moving text around to make the thing flow better.  The interview is nearly 21000 words long, 47 pages in a word processing document.   I'm hoping that the vast majority of the interview will survive the editing I do, and the vetting that the subject will do.

We had our final weekly TM meeting tonight after work.   It was a full house, with 4 guests.  That is a very good turnout for a June meeting.  Next Wednesday, in place of a meeting, we will meet at a local watering hole, and then go on a ghost walk throughout the downtown for a couple of hours.  

These ghost walks are interesting to me.  Ghost stories themselves are so much codswallop, but the history behind them is fascinating.  We will hear lots of history of old-time Halifax.  If you haven't gone on a Halifax ghost walk, and have 10 bucks to spare, and a couple hours to spend at it, then  you could do far worse than to go on a ghost walk.  I have gone a few times over the years and can't wait to go again!

See you tomorrow.


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