Saturday, June 11, 2011

Post 1654 - Cool Stuff

Today was the 12th annual Port Williams village-wide yard sale. It's when people sell the crap they no longer want to people who will one day realize they don't it, either.


I got some books. I got a pretty good electric grass trimmer. Bought a couple hot dogs. Got a study lamp to keep in my old bedroom. Bought a lamp for my mother, along with a book on how to cope as a widow.

Late this afternoon, my mother and I went to the local supper. This evening, I watched "Fight Club" on dvd, purchased this morning for a dollar. It's now 10:30 and I will head off to bed soon. Been a long day, what with all the shopping and the grass trimming I did today.

The grass trimmer I got for Mom works ok, but is disappointing in some ways. You charge the battery for a few hours and get perhaps 30 minutes of use before you have to charge it again. At best, this is a light-use device. Once I trim the grass that's along the perimeter of my mother's home, it will become the type of device it wants to be.

Back to the city tomorrow. What blog post title will I use? Hmm?

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