Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post 1655 - Yep

I promised several weeks ago never to have another blog post entitled "Back in the City".  Yet, I am.

I spent some more time today trimming the lawn at my mother's using that new lawn trimmer I got on Friday.  As I stated before, I'm lucky if I get 30 minutes of  use before I have to charge the battery again, which takes a couple of hours.  That's enough time to go perhaps half the perimeter of her house before a recharge.  I don't know what a new battery would cost.  I wouldn't ask my mother to bear that cost.  It's bad enough she's paying for this new trimmer.

For the first time in a long time my mother walked out to the garage.  She seldom has needed to go out there.  When Dad was alive and kicking, he would take out the garbage and store it close to the garage.  Before that, Mom would take it out until she decided it was men's work and get Dad or  me to do it.

I returned here mid afternoon and saw how sick Patricia was.  I think she got a mutated version of what I had 2 weeks ago. Considering how crappy I felt for that whole week, I do not envy Patricia right now.

Both cats are in the bedroom now, cleaning themselves.  Newbie's on the bed; Cindy's on the floor.  Cute.

Steve at work sent an email this afternoon referring to my new true love,.  It's a link to a youtube video that I haven't checked out yet.  If I like it, I may link to it here tomorrow.  This is called foreshadowing, folks.  Have you forgotten your English Lit classes so soon?  Tsk, tsk.

See you tomorrow.


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