Monday, June 13, 2011

Post 1656 - Game Six

Patricia and I  watched the last 4 episodes of Season 2 of "Nurse Jackie" this evening, along with episode one of season 3.  Much better show than it was in season one.

Afterward, I watched last night's episode of "The Killing".  It is the penultimate episode of season one.  You know what "penultimate" means, don't you?  Sure you do.

I learned this evening that The Killing has been renewed for season 2.  I think this is a good idea.  The main detectives on the show have become likable to me in recent weeks, and I want to see what murder they can solve in 13 episodes, a year from now.

After that, with nothing else to do except to turn in for the night and sleep, I tuned into the ice hockey sporting match that is presently playing on the television.  This is game six in a seemingly endless series, of which there can only be one more, apparently.  The Boston... Broons(sp.?) are ahead 4-0 over the Vancouver Canadians.  I suppose I should be rooting for Vancouver, but I've never been there and am not sure how nice a city it is.   I have heard it is expensive to live there and that it rains a lot.  They shot the first 5 seasons of "The X-Files" there.  Chris Carter, the show's executive producer, always spoke highly of the city.  Points for me, I guess.

But, Boston?  Never been there either, but people around here sure do like it a lot.  Many of my cable channels originate from Boston.  Boy, the people there sure do talk funny.  Some kind of thick accent.  I can hardly understand a word they say.

It  is really hard to know which side to support.


Vancouver it is.  Never been there.  Must be nice.  Chris Carter like it.

Go, Vancouver.  Vanquish the Broons, please.


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