Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post 1658 - A Disappointing Evening

For those of you reading this who live in this fine province, you'll already know that, for the last six weeks or so, Nova Scotia has had a lot a rain.  A whole lot.  I mean, let's-build-an-ark-and-march-then-in-two-by-two amounts of rain.

We have only been able to mow the lawn at the cottage once so far in 2011.  Even then, it was so wet that I couldn't mow the entire thing.  That was more than 3 weeks ago.  I''d hoped to go to the cottage this weekend and mow the lawn.  But because of all this damned rain, and the impending forecast for this weekend, there is little point in driving the 2+ hours to the cottage; no mowing will be possible.  Just imagine how the lawn will look when we finally are able to get down there.

The weather has wreaked havoc on so many of my plans lately.  Just this evening, we were going to  have a Toastmasters off-site-team-building exercise.  We'd go out after work to the Midtown Tavern and thence a couple of blocks away for a ghost walk.  We'd walk around the downtown for a couple of hours and hear all kinds of cool ghost stories.  I've gone quite a few times over the years and learn new aspects of Halifax history each time.

But, no.

The frickin' rain.

It has been raining all day.  We decided at 8:30 this morning to postpone this ghost walk for at least a week.  Of course, this time next week, it will still be pissing down rain.  I'll need Vitamin D shots to allay the depression.   I'll yell at the homeless guys who beg me for money, and I'll mean the things I say to them.  And I'll take at least 3 pennies from those little jars they have next to cash registers for when you're 1 or 2 cents short on a purchase.  Just because of the mood I'll be in.  Just because it will make me feel better.  Just because of the rain.

The forecast for Thursday?  More  rain.  Friday?  Ditto.  The weekend?  Do I really have to say it?  Next week?  Ha ha.  You silly man.

Rain.  We've had enough.  Go bug PEI for a while.

Before I do something rash.


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Ken said...

Gee, thanks, brother.... I'm going to PEI for a few days next month. Now when it rains you realize it will be your fault. At least that's the story that I will tell my wife while we are cooped up in our little travel trailer listening to the rain on the roof.