Friday, June 17, 2011

Post 1660 - The Weekend Is Here!

Yay.  It's Friday night.  A crazy busy day at work means I have earned a good night's sleep.

Patricia's feeling better today.  And, for the first time all week, I am in my home office typing away.  Other blog posts this week have been composed on my netbook or my BlackBerry or something.  Like you care. You know you don't.

It is possible that a new blog interview will go up this weekend.  The subject is vetting the text now.  The thing is that it is a very long interview and it will take him a while to go through all of it.  He is a perfectionist, like I aspire to be, so he wants the interview to be as good as possible.  So do I, actually.  And because we talked about so many things, and so many people who lived 100 years ago, I have decided to reinstate the footnotes that have been more-or-less ignored for the last several interviews.  These will provide a much richer reading experience for you.  When we discuss a particular person, you'll be able to click on his or her name and be whisked away to a web page discussing the person.   There will potentially be dozens of these links, so I hope you like to read.

Guess I'll call it a night, Bevboy's Blog Brethren.

It's a night.


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