Saturday, June 18, 2011

Post 1661 - Sacred Cows (And Chickens!)

Slept in this morning, which my body was grateful for.  We eventually stepped out and found a couple of yard sales, but just a couple.  I spent an entire dollar at one yard sale this morning.  Half of that was spent on a lampshade for the lamp I bought my mother last weekend.  The other half was spent on a study lamp for the rink dink computer desk I keep at my mother's.  It is a small lamp for a small desk.

Afterward, we decided to go for a drive, ending up at Hammond's Plains and thence into Bedford.  We further decided to have lunch at the Chicken Burger, and that's what I want to discuss with you this evening.

I don't get The Chicken Burger.

I mean, the food is all right.  It is nothing special.  The portions are on the small side.  Everything is fried, presumably even the milk shakes.

The place has so much nostalgia associated with it that it seems almost blasphemous to say anything bad about it.  Patricia's parents used to go dancing across the street at a big dance hall; they'd go to The Chicken Burger before hand.  As a little girl, her parents would take her there.  Me? I never set foot in The Chicken Burger, nor sampled her wares until perhaps 20 years ago.  I have gone seldom ever since. Today was the first time I'd been there in several years.  I probably won't be there again for a few years.  That's fine by me.

The food is all right.  The surroundings are kitschy.  Things cost more than they should.  The portions are small.

What is the big deal about The Chicken Burger?  I guess it's the nostalgia.  People from here, went there as kids and now take their own kids there or take their friends visiting from away, there.  Nobody wants to say that the emperor is cavorting around nekkid.  Nobody wants to say that the place is overrated and coasting on an undeserved reputation, one which cannot sustain it forever.

There are far better places to eat, for as much or less money, than The Chicken Burger.   Just because those places haven't been around for 70 years, doesn't mean that they don't deserve your support.

Am I out to lunch here?  Do you really like The Chicken Burger?  Is it a great place and I'm missing something?  Or do you agree with me and think the place is overrated to the extreme?

See ya tomorrow!


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kevin.tillman said...

sacrilege !!

Its extremely rare for a business to remain popular for so so long. I recall when it reached 50 years, their story made The National.

Its like Keith's beer, i have no idea why so many Nova Scotians like it so much. i find it quite bland.

As with 'the chick' sometimes i kinda long for that sickly feeling in the stomach after downing a milkshake and 2 CB's. ...Good Times.

When the place is still thriving after so long ya gotta think like they say in elections; the people are always right.