Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post 1665 - One Day Away

My next blog interview will be tomorrow night after work.

I must admit that I am nervous about this interview.  I have done a couple dozen by now, but due to the vagaries of how the production process works, I haven't actually conducted one  in 3 months.  It took me a while to transcribe the Floyd and Neil Spence interviews; then, I spent a long time transcribing the remainder of an interview conducted last August and which hasn't been published here yet.  After I finished that one, I had to let my fingers rest for a spell.

I'm nervous but looking forward to the interview as well.  I have every intention of conducting several interviews over the summer months, and that the best is yet to come.  Please come along for the ride avec moi.

I spent the day on a course and will spend the next 2 days on the same course.  This is the same way as saying that it's a 3 day course, I guess.  It's just that if I were being paid by the word, I would have made an extra 55 cents, assuming that I got paid 5 cents a word, a pitiful rate by any standard.  Of course, I don't get paid a damned thing to type this stuff in, day in and day out.  I just have the privilege of serving you, the 1000's of Bevboy's Blog readers with my humble words.  Day in and day out.  365 days a year without a vacation.

Maybe I need a vacation.

See you tomorrow.  If you're extra good and tell me you love me, I may give you a sneak peek of what the latest blog interviewee and I talked about.


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