Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post 1666 - Exhileration

I am back home from my interview with Dan Barton, and I think it went great!

This was the first interview I had conducted in some 3 months.  I thought I might be rusty, but Dan really made me feel welcome and answered my silly questions with great patience and good humour.

Dan told some very interesting stories about the people he knows in the industry.  I can hardly wait to share the interview with you.

The owner of the TBR was fascinated by my digital voice recorder.  He offered to buy it from me at one point.  I told him I'd sell it and use the proceeds to buy a better one, or he could just go buy that better one for himself.

No, these recorders do not use tapes.   Tapes are so... pre-2000.  It uses flash memory.  I can record upwards of 138 hours on this little device.  It will sound like crap at that level, but one can get that much if one wants it.

I will start transcribing this 2.5 hours of material this weekend.  I should be able to make some good progress over the long weekend.  Maybe by, say, mid-July, I'll be able to get this baby back to Dan to read over.

I'll start lining up more interviews soon.

This is so much fun!


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