Friday, June 24, 2011

Post 1667 - A Valley Weekend

My mother called, and I came a'running. Drove up this evening.

I just realized I have 5 computers in this small bedroom. I brought my work laptop with me. I brought my netbook with me, out of habit. I already had a netbook here. And there's the desktop I got over a year ago.

Finally, there's the desktop I got from a neighbor that doesn't run much of anything. Ubuntu? Nope. Lubuntu? Uh huh. Xandros linux? Ha ha ha. Windows xp? Slower than a postal worker on valium.

It has 256 mb of ram, so it should run something. I will try puppy linux next time I'm up. If that doesn't work, bye bye.

Until then, 5 computers in a small room.

Yard sales tomorrow. Can hardly wait!

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