Saturday, June 25, 2011

Post 1668 - A Deal

I'd heard on Facebook the other day that there would be a community yard sale this morning in the village of New Minas. I hied myself thither early this morning.

Despite the inclement weather and the threat of more, there were nonetheless several stalwarts interested in selling their stuff.

There was a local history book I got 50 cents at the first location. Got it. Bolstered, I checked out the second place.

Oh, boy.

The guy was selling at 17 inch lcd monitor. He initially wanted 15 dollars for it. I didn't say anything. "But, I'm thinking I'll sell it for 10".

Ten bucks.

For an lcd monitor?

Are you kidding me?

I tested that it worked using the man's outdoor outlet. He was throwing in a keyboard, a mouse, a set of speakers, and associated cables. He was also including the milk crate the stuff was all in. For a total of 10 dollars.

I bought it all and moved on.

At other yard sales I got a webcam for a dollar. Some books for 4 dollars. A Rachel Ray dvd for 50 cents I think it was.

I made out like a bandit. Jeepers, an lcd monitor and other accoutrements for 10 dollars!

I got back to my mother's and hooked up the monitor to the netbook. It worked fine, marginally better than the one I already had here, which set me back 60 dollars 3 months ago. Sigh.

On Sunday, I'll take the monitor back with me and swap out the 15 inch monitor I have downstairs for this one. I'll sell that one, I guess, to someone who wants a smaller monitor for cheap.

Of course, Mom wanted to go shopping, and I obliged. We returned at 3:45 or so, and I immediately hopped on the lawn tractor. The grass grew a lot in a scant 2 weeks. When I'm up again, I wonder how long it will be then? I don't want to contemplate that too much.

Started transcribing the Dan Barton interview this evening. I will do my best to transcribe a piece of it every day. The upcoming 4 day weekend will help.

So will my 17 inch monitor.

Just sayin'.

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