Sunday, June 26, 2011

Post 1669 - Is It The Weekend Yet? No? Crap!

I returned to Hali this afternoon, around 3:15.  My 3:30, I was taking a nap.  Next thing I knew, it was 6pm.  Wonderful.

I ate some dinner, half asleep.  Patricia, the last time I checked, was watching "Mildred Pierce", so I came downstairs and hooked up my "new" lcd monitor.  A 17 inch monitor that works perfectly and which cost me just a very few dollars.  Super duper sweet.  I love a bargain.  Just love it.  Love bargains more than I love life itself.   Now, I wonder how that 1 dollar webcam works!

I also brought back with me a lamp that was on my bedroom floor at my mother's.  It had no shade, but I had bought a shade for a similar lamp for my mother and grabbed the discarded one and put it on this one.   Works just fine.  I swapped out the study lamp on this computer desk for this one, and it fits very well and casts a good light on the desk.  It's the only light on in this room.    Also at this desk are 2 radios (I will have to update that blog post that spelled out the radios in this room!) and a tape recorder I'll eventually use to digitize some cassettes.  

I had a small pewter clock at my work.  We're preparing to move to another location in a week or so, and I didn't want the clock to get damaged in transit, so I moved it here.  It's at my desk and I like it where it is.  So, that means I have 2 clock radios plus that clock on this small desk.  What's that ancient Chinese proverb.  "Man with 1000 clocks never knows what time it is"?  Something like that.  It certainly has some merit.

I know it's weird, having all these radios.  You'll be pleased to know that, 2 weeks ago, during Port Williams Days, while I saw some radios, I didn't actually buy any.  Yesterday, at that community yard sale where I bought this magnificent lcd monitor that I'm using right now, I don't recall seeing any radios.  At any rate, I didn't buy any there, either.

Yes, it would have been difficult to resist buying yet another radio.  I am man enough to admit that.

Back to work tomorrow. A short work week.  July 1st we'll be at the cottage, come Heck or high water.

See you!


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