Monday, June 27, 2011

Post 1670 - One Day Down!

It's a very warm Monday evening in Hali.  Well, "very" is relative, isn't it?  It's maybe 19 or 20 degrees outside.  But it still feels warm and sticky.  Maybe I shouldn't be wearing a snowsuit.  Maybe I should leave the mukluks in the closet for a few months.  Certainly, I won't wear them at the cottage this weekend.

It was an interesting day at work.  "Interesting" is the adjective I employ when I can't think of another one to use.    Our big move to the other part of town is next week.  Everyone is making fun of me because I allegedly have so much stuff to move.  It's only gonna be 3 boxes, folks.  I will find room for the sombrero somewhere, folks.


The sombrero.

Don't judge me.

When we leave this part of town, I will have access to different coffee shops.  I am confident that none of them will be worse than the crappy ones on our block.  I don't understand what confluence of events resulted in all these places being situated in one small area of the downtown.  It is as if the city planners have a C zone, where all the shitty coffee joints go, in much the same way as other cities have a red light district where all the hookers ply their trade.   Working in the C zone, where Certainly Cinnamon is on one side of the street, and Just Us is on the other.  At the far end, Starbucks sells coffee at a price that would require me to take out a second mortgage.

On the other side of the block, across the street, is a place called Rudy's.  The food is ok.  The coffee is... well, let's put it this way: One of Hal FM's major prizes is a coffee cards from that place.  I rest my case.

I'm told there is a good deli in that part of the street we are moving to.  There is a Tim's.  There are other coffee shops nearby.  Surely to frig there is a place that doesn't suck somewhere in that part of town.

After all, I don't believe in conspiracies.


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