Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Post 1671 - Two Days Down!

I had to buy some gas after work this evening.  I knew this for two reasons.  The first reason was that, when I started the car, the gas needle literally didn't move.  The second reason was a sign came on in the car saying "low fuel".   To drive the point home further, there was a picture of a fuel pump next to the words "low fuel".  I bought some fuel.

This evening, when I got home, I washed the dishes.  Hmm. That's about all I did, come to think of it.  They were piled nearly to the ceiling.   I had about 3 pieces of cutlery left in the house, and they were made of plastic and had come from Wendy's.   You can only wash them so many times.   By the time I finished, it was getting dark.  Patricia was just arriving home from visiting a friend in the hospital.   She always arrives home when I am finishing the dishes.

We watched 2 episodes of "Burn Notice" this evening, catching us up on season 4.  Please note that this show is called "Burn Notice".  It is not "Bum Notice".  I realize that the "r" and the "n" run together and look like "Bum", but it's actually "Burn", rhyming with "earn".  There are a number of words that printers don't like to use because they confuse the reader.  When's the last time you saw "flick" written in block letters, like this: FLICK.  Open to interpretation, I says.

I had a shower this evening.  I now smell nice, and people at my work will appreciate it very much.  So will the cats, actually.

Got some bad news today.  My neighbor and friend Don West died this morning.  He's the first person I met when I moved into this house in January of 2001, some 10.5 years ago.  He was always nice to me.  I will miss him a great deal and my thoughts are with Trish and Jennifer and Chris at this time.   Jennifer gave me some details of Don's death this evening, and I will leave them out of this blog.  It is not my place to discuss that here.  But know that Don was a good guy, and I will never forget him.

See you tomorrow.


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