Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Post 1672 - Three Days Down

It's Wednesday night.  I got home late from work.  There was major gridlock at the Armdale roundabout, so we decided to get dinner somewhere.  That ended up being the Pizza Delight at the Halifax Shopping Centre.  It was all right.  Only all right.

We got home, and Patricia decided to take a nap.  She's still sleeping, 3 hours later.  I have spent time this evening doing laundry and transcribing some pieces of the Dan Barton interview.

Speaking of Boss Dan, Patricia and I saw him today during lunch.  We got a bunch more pictures to accompany the eventual interview.

Tomorrow night, after work, it is still our plan to drive to the cottage for the long weekend.  The lawn will have to be mowed, and that will take the better part of a day down there, if not an entire day.  I shudder to think about how the lawn will look.  See?  I'm shuddering.

I'm  trying to figure out what books to take to the cottage this summer for the annual vacation.  Time was, there would be long articles about books to take to the beach in the summer.  I always wondered who had the time to read all those damned books.  Stephen King continues to write an annual column for Entertainment Weekly listing his favourite books of the year.  I never seem to get around to reading any of them.  Wish there were 2 of me, and that the other Bevboy were a big nerd who did nothing but read the first 25 years of his life and never knew the company of a woman until that time.

Oh, wait.

We're hitting too close to home.

One more day of work.  4 days off.  I like them odds.


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