Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post 1673 - Four Days Down

It is pushing 9pm on Thursday night.  My 4 day Canada Day extra long weekend is here.

Either later on this evening or disgustingly early Friday morning we will pile into Patricia's car and make the relatively long trip to the cottage.  Once there, we will survey just now long the lawn is and act accordingly.  If it at possible, the lawn will be mowed this weekend, preferably Friday or Saturday, depending on the weather.

I'm sorry to keep harping about the lawn at the cottage, but it is a matter for some concern.  As I have stated before, there are entire sections of the lawn that have remain untouched thus far in 2011.  I know that I have to mow my mother's lawn every two weeks when I go visit; if I don't, it becomes long and shaggy, like my hair does after six months or so.   When I did manage to mow the lawn at the cottage, nearly six weeks ago, it was crazy long then.  I had to keep the blade on the highest level, and even then, the lawn tractor struggled.  

I daresay that I will be mowing all weekend while Patricia is inside, eating bon bons or cooking, or perform some other distaff duties that are beneath me.

I will continue to write whilst at the cottage.  Fear not, my friend.  I won't forget you.

See you tomorrow.


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