Thursday, July 7, 2011

Post 1681 - Bye Bye, Downtown

I made sure to walk around the downtown a little bit this morning and this afternoon, 'cuz it will be my last day downtown for a while.

In the morning, in about 9 hours, I will be reporting to work in the West part of Halifax, in a neighborhood I don't know very well, in a part of town I have not overly explored.

Rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that I will find things about that part of the city that won't make sense to me, and I will blog about them in future editions of the recently-revived series.  I will find a decent cup of damned coffee somewhere over there.  Surely to frig, it will be possible to locate a joint that serves coffee fit for human consumption.   You know, like I couldn't find in the block of Hali I am abandoning.

I still have 3 prepaid coffees for NicNax on Granville Street.  I never had a chance to use them all.  That's always the way, huh?

Anyway, let's look forward to tomorrow morning and not try to dread it.  It will be different; that much I guarantee.  But, there are 4 radio stations within an easy walk of my new workplace, full of people to interview who know who Bevboy is, so maybe I can increase the amounts of interviews I have been able to do this year.

A change.  As good as a rest.

See you tomorrow.


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