Monday, July 11, 2011

Post 1685 - Unsolved Murders In Nova Scotia

Long time readers will recall that I have an interest in unsolved murders and missing people.  There is an American website called The Charley Project that I check out nearly every day.  It details some 9000 MP (missing person) cases throughout the U.S.  There are several other such websites.

I am not aware of any Canadian equivalent of The Charley Project, or at least one that goes into the level of detail that Meaghan goes into.  I am not prepared to devote the kind of time that she has to create a Canadian website listing all these cases.  Poor Meaghan has had to put up with a lot of crap over the years, what with threats of lawsuits and the sheer effort to keep the website up-to-date.  I hope she keeps it up for a long time.

Hi, Meaghan.  I'm a fan.

Anyway, there is no website per se that discusses missing person to such a degree, but I do know of this message board that lists and discusses these cases. The problem with message boards, of course, is that there will be a great deal other stuff on there, and reputations of people who haven't been charged or convicted of a doggone things will be besmirched.

Folks, this is the way it works: The police will charge a person with a crime if the think there is enough evidence to support a conviction.  The Crown won't go forward with a trial unless they feel there is enough evidence to get a conviction.  Even if weird stuff like the G-8 and G-20 riots in Toronto happen, and hundreds of people are arrested and charged by both the cops and the Crown, then judges certainly can and do throw cases out of court and people go free who shouldn't have been there in the first place.

There is no point, folks, in going on and on (and on!) about a person's "obvious" guilt.  You don't know what happened.  You weren't there.  You didn't see the crime take place.  You're a dummy if you go on about this.  A dummy.  Hear me?  A dummy.

Having said all that, this message board is interesting, and I recommend it to you.  This link points you to the Nova Scotia unsolved murders board.  You're but a click away from the Canada-wide one.

Of course, you have to check out the Charley Project, too.  Meaghan and I have exchanged a few emails, and she may even remember me if you drop my name to her.    I doubt it, but anything is possible.  Of course, she has a blog.

See you tomorrow.


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