Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Post 1686 - Back To Reality

Patricia returned from the cottage this afternoon, after spending a few days there.  This meant that my meat-eating, vegetable-ignoring fun times evaporated like the morning dew.

We watched a couple episodes of Burn Notice this evening before I went downstairs and pee'd away 30 minutes or so in my home office.

I didn't have a chance today to transcribe any more of the Dan Barton interview.  I have been negligent.  I should be able to pick away at it on Wednesday during my lunch hour and tomorrow after work.  Should is the operative word.

Vacation starts a week from Thursday at 4:31.  I can hardly wait.  Two weeks of doing nothing.  Patricia was talking this evening about going out a couple of times. Maybe to a breakfast or two on the veranda during River John Days during our first week off, but other than that, I really don't want to go anywhere.  We will have dvd's to watch and books to read.  There is a nice stereo down there that has a good radio tuner in it that can pick up most of the radio stations here in Halifax.  There is plenty of food.  There is a barbecue.  There is a lawn tractor for the 8 or so times we'll have to mow the damn lawn.  What else is there that we'd need?  I mean, really?

My 3rd full day in my new digs.  Someone came by today to adjust my work space because it was one inch shorter than it should have been.  Yeah, like I really noticed.  I had to remove everything off my desk, have him do his work, and then re-assemble the computer and put everything back where it was.  Afterward, I didn't notice any real difference.   Can we issue a big sigh now?

We have found a new coffee shop.  The last place we went to before I got sick and tired of it was Certainly Synonymous for bad coffee, wasn't it?  I won't say the name though.  Never.

Have a good evening.  See you tomorrow.


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