Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Post 1687 - A Challenge From Mel Sampson Herself!

You will recall that I interviewed the lovely and supremely talented Mel Sampson of K-Rock 89.3 last year.  It was a great pleasure to meet her and her boyfriend.  If you have met Mel you know you have met a special person.

Mel posted the following on her Facebook this afternoon.

Katie Holmes says Tom Cruise is "manly romantic" because he does things like this: "Two years ago he took me up on his P-51 Mustang, a fighter plane from World War 2. He painted the words, 'Kiss Me, Kate' on the side." I think he's just wealthy. How do you do "manly romantic" or any romantic on a budget?

I like a challenge.  I offered an entry, which Mel liked enough to classify as the epitome of manly romantic on a budget.  

It got me to thinking.  Why not do a blog post about manly romantic things I have done, or wish I had done, on a budget?

So... here goes!

In keeping with Tom Cruise's initiative, I could make a paper airplane, scrawl "Kiss me, Patricia" on it, and throw it around the living room until Patricia notices.

How about...

Pushing the last piece of Chef Boyardee ravioli over to Patricia with my nose?


Take Patricia for a walk along the Halifax waterfront (now that I no longer work downtown - sniff!) and buy her a junior-size ice cream cone (with ice cream on top!) and watch her eat it, licking my lips the way Wile E. Coyote does when he thinks about the Road Runner.  

Perhaps I could...

Buy Patricia a used copy of "Men Are From Mars.  Women Have A Penis", or whatever that damned book is called.  We could read passages to each other until we realize that the book is bullcrap and then watch Burn Notice for a spell.  (Notice that I wrote "Burn Notice", and  NOT "Bum Notice".)  (Sorry.  I already did that joke in a previous post.  It's a good one, though, isn't it?)

If I were really in a romantic frame of mind, I could...

Take Patricia to Costco when those ladies are giving out samples ("Costco dim sum" as Mark Evanier calls it) and tell Patricia to help herself.   (What the heck.  Here's another Mark Evanier Costco post.  There are lots of them.)

Or, just maybe, I could...

Finally get around to writing Patricia that limerick, the one that DOESN'T start with "There once was a man from Nantucket".  

I hope that these low budget approaches to romancing your woman work out well for you.  Why not post a comment to this blog post, or on my Facebook or Twitter, regaling me with the success you achieved by attempting these awesome, low cost romance options.

You're welcome.  

I do this because I love you, you know.  You knew that, didn't you?


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Rob Wolfe said...

I am not at all romantic but am doing my bit to pass the thought along.

Great post Bev!