Friday, July 15, 2011

Post 1689 - Another Valley Weekend

Worked all day and drove to my mother's this evening.

Tomorrow morning, we will take off for many hours and shop until I drop. I dread it like you wouldn't believe. She always wears me out.

You may recall that a neighbour gave me. Couple of computers in the last few weeks. The first one is a nice little machine and it has become a much-used computer in my house. With the very inexpensive monitor I got 3 weeks ago, and the latest ubuntu, I got a pretty good desktop for almost no money.

This second machine has been much more troublesome. It wouldn't run ubuntu. Xandros was too proprietary. Lubuntu was too much for it.

I was already to give up. As a last-ditch resort, I tried installing the new version of Puppy Linux just now. It's a return to form for Puppy linux; this version is numbered 5.1.2 and is nicknamed Wary Puppy. The numbering is unfortunate as there is a variant version of Puppy Linux referred to as Lucid Puppy, based on last year's Ubuntu. It's not very good.

Wary is quite nice. First of all, it revived this computer, which other operating systems couldn't do. And it runs quite fast, as Puppy loads itself into ram. Even this machine, with a paltry 256 mb of ram, puppy can load itself within that and run as fast as the processor will permit, which is good. The puppy universal installer installed itself on the hard drive and even created a good grub boot menu. Last year, I had to do that manually, which was no fun.

So, here at my mother's. In my old bedroom, I have 2 desktops and a netbook. All work well for what they are. I don't want to part with any of them.

The other desktop here is the one the other free computer supplanted. It's far too good to get rid of.

How many computers does a fella need?

Let's find out!

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