Saturday, July 16, 2011

Post 1690 - A Busy Saturday

My mother didn't disappoint. We left the house around 10 and didn't return here until nearly 4. In between there were trips to many stores. Plus, there was a sub par lunch at the Port Pub.

This evening has been spent farting around with that old computer and its puppy linux installation. The personal save file is puppy's achilles tendon. If that file gets damaged or corrupted or even moved to a place the os doesn't expect, then you have to do a reinstall or use the cd to restart with a parameter that overlooks the problems that caused the crash. No fun.

After I got that sorted out, I spent 90 minutes or so transcribing pieces of the Dan Barton interview. It's taking shape nicely. Will likely have to finish it during my vacation at the cottage.

Tomorrow will be busy as well. I'll tell you about it then.

Good night, my lovelies.

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