Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Post 1693 - Manly Duties

Patricia's always... bringing to my attention her perception that she makes all the meals in the house, and that she'd like it if I made some from time to time.

Turns out that I got home earlier from work today than she did, by a good 90 minutes or so.   That gave me an opportunity to wash the mile-high pile of dishes that had some how accumulated in and around the kitchen sink over the last few days.  Those done, I threw some chicken thighs in a pyrex container and tossed the container and the thighs into the oven, cooking them at 450 for an hour or so, until there was no chance they would still be alive, and come back and haunt me in my dreams.

Patricia came home during this process and hinted that she'd like the left over rice from last night's dinner prepared in some way so as to make it delicious.  Actually, "hint" is not the right word.  "Strong-armed" might be a good one.  Or, perhaps, "grabbing me by the lapels and throwing me toward the stove" might work, too.

I fried the cooked rice using some Snortin' Mortons hot sauce prepared by the talented radio personality Lea Miller, the new morning co-host at K-Rock 89.3 in the Annapolis Valley, come July 25th.  I added some soy sauce as well.  I put it aside and let the chicken thighs continue cooking.

I mixed together a Caesar salad as well.  I was meticulous in creating the salad.  I have to be.

The thighs done, I gave a plate of this crap to Patricia and prayed that it would appease her.  I cowered in the corner of the kitchen, slowly reaching for a large kitchen knife to protect me from her potential wrath.

"Bev!", she shouted.  "This rice is really good!"

Relieved, I put the knife down and ventured into the dining room.  She was eating the rice and the chicken and the salad with great gusto, and chasing the whole thing with a bud light lime, a girl drink if ever there was one.  I drink them all the time, when she'll let me.

After a second helping for each of us, we retired to the dining room and watched the episode of Burn Notice that came available to us on demand.

(I'm too tired to do the whole "Burn Notice"/"Bum Notice" thing again.   OKAY?  FLICK OFF!)

I retired to this here home office around 8:30, nearly 2 hours ago.  I transcribed several more minutes of the  Dan Barton interview, and decided to write this here blog post.



Ken said...

So, who is Lea replacing on K-Rock? Any chance it might be Colin?

Bevboy said...

Kate Peardon is leaving K-Rock, presumably on Friday. Lea starts on Monday, working with Colin.


Ken said...

Well, crap.