Thursday, July 21, 2011

Post 1695 - It's Here!

Vacation is here.


It is now about 10:45 at night.  I consider my vacation to have started just over 6 hours ago.

Sometime tomorrow morning we will pile into Patricia's car and hie ourselves to the cottage, there to remain for 16 days before reluctantly returning to the city.  That would be August 7th, in case you lost count.

It is invariable that the anticipation to go on vacation takes forever to arrive.  The actual vacation goes by in a flash.  Of course, when we're at the cottage, we sleep 50% of the time; it is well known that  when you're in a state of suspended animation, time seems to cease to exist.  That is why, I believe, that vacations for us fly by.  We're so seldom awake.

I have already promised to make dinner for us tomorrow night while Patricia takes care of some things in town.  That works for me.  I don't particularly want to run the roads very much while we're gone.  If it rains for a few days, I don't even care.  Just want to spend time at the cottage.

Of course, we are still neighbours with the toothless cretin who drags his knuckles on the ground and drives an all-terrain vehicle.  We also have to co-exist with the jive turkey who takes great delight in wandering around people's property and taking pictures of their cottages.  But we can mostly ignore these pricks.  It's about us getting out of Dodge for a couple of weeks and resting and relaxing by ourselves, trying to ignore the problems in the world and in our lives for 16 days or so.

We need it.

We deserve it.

See you tomorrow.


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