Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post 1700 - A Major Milestone

Well,  it's a major milestone for me.  It probably isn't for you.

This post comes to you from the River John library.  There is only one RJ library, unlike in Halifax, where there are many.   I like this library very much.  It is my first time here this year, and that's a regret I will carry with me to my grave.

This post began in October of 2007 (how many of you have read all of them besides me?) because I wanted to start a blog that didn't have a lot of typographical errors in it.  It remains a blog with few typos in it, nearly 4 years later.  There are some, and you can have some fun finding them.

At first, I wasn't sure where I was going with this blog.  Some would say that I still haven't found my way with it.  But I am at least pretty sure what it is not.

Bevboy's Blog is not a political blog.  There are plenty of blogs out there produced by people who don't know a thing about politics, expressing opinions about things they know nothing about.  Why should I add to that?

Bevboy's Blog is not an entertainment blog.  I hope that it is entertaining by times, or at least that it isn't boring, or if boring, I hope that it isn't consistently so.  No Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan jokes here, or dumb Hollywood gossip.

Bevboy's Blog is not a negative blog.  Time was, I would comment about some of the things in radio that I didn't like.  I have stopped doing that, and have even gone back and re-worded some things I thought crossed the line.  However, the "Things In Halifax That Don't Make Sense" feature will continue.

Bevboy's Blog is not a blog about one thing.   I write about whatever I want to, with a strong focus on radio.  I interview people, mostly folks who are on the radio.  

I have written this before.  I am again, now.  I never thought, for a moment, that Bevboy's Blog would last as long as it has.  1700 posts is a remarkable achievement for me, even if you don't care.  I can tell you that, once I'm back from vacation, you can look forward to 2 more interviews, long ones, and that more interviews are in the works, even if they're not booked yet.   I feel sanguine about the future of Bevboy's Blog, and if you care, if you want  to, you're welcome to come along for the ride.

Thank you.  I love you all.


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