Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Post 1702 - Another River John Post

These words emanate, once again, from the River John library.  I am using my netbook, the little computer that could, the machine  I bought two years ago and use nearly every single day.  I love it.

Patricia is attending a quilt fair at a nearby church vestry.  As you might imagine, my interest in such things is small, so small you'd need an electron microscope to see it.  I decided to hang back here, surf the net for a little while, and write this here blog post.

There's not much to report, actually.  We threw out 2 bags of garbage this morning; this is the time of year when the county sends a garbage truck down into cottage territory, and you can throw out a regular garbage bag.  Only one.  Butk we put a second bag over in another location, tricking the driver into believing that the bag was actually from a neigbhour, when it wasn't.  Hee hee.

That was probably the highlight of the day.

Or not. I showered this morning, and this afternoon we went to a hobby farm that has horsies.  Patricia remarked that she smells like them now.  I think I should have postponed my shower until this evening.

After Patricia finishes looking at the damned quilts, we will likely drive into Tatamagouche to get a few groceries and perhaps get some dinner.  I think we'll both be hungry by then.   This evening, I will either pick up the Walter Mosley book I borrowed from this library yesterday, or watch a movie.  Haven't decided yet.  Perhaps we'll ask our hillbilly neighbor what we should do and take our cue from the animalistic grunts he utters.  When he starts flinging dung, we'll take our leave.  He knows how to suck the energy out of a room.

See you tomorrow, unless Newbie or Cindy does something cute, that is.


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