Thursday, July 28, 2011

Post 1703 - Day 4

We drove into River John early this morning to have breakfast. While there, I met Ann and Gene of the East Coast FM morning show. They put me on the air for their trivia contest. I won a Tim Horton's gift card! Super sweet!

Of course, I mentioned the blog to them and gave out some cards of my own. Gene loved the card.

(Have I told you that the guy who did the caricature for the blog and the business card, now works for Frank Magazine? I knew Don when!)

From RJ, we drove to New Glasgow to get groceries and to check out the new hardware store. We lunched in nearby Stellarton at a joint called Gram's Place.

We returned to the cottage and took things easy for the afternoon. This evening, we have been watching "Game of Thrones". I'm about to turn in. Patricia's watching "Pretty Woman" on dvd. My cue to get out of here. Besides, Julia Roberts used a body double.

Tomorrow: More "Game of Thrones". More Walter Mosley. More... I don't know! I'm on vacation. Don't bust my balls here.

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