Saturday, July 30, 2011

Post 1705 - Yet Another River John Library Post

I am typing these words, yet again, on my netbook at the River John public library.  It is just past 11am.  My battery is about half-charged, so I have perhaps 45 minutes of use left before I will have to power down and swap this battery for the other one.

We spent a few hours last night watching "Game of Thrones".  We are at the end of episode 7, with 3 more episodes to go, plus about 12 short documentaries about the show that the movie channels offered through video on demand recently, and which I gleefully copied over to dvd for us to watch at the cottage, 'cuz we have no cable or satellite service there.  I'm not sure what we'd do if we didn't have a dvd player at the cottage.  Probably talk to each other or something like that.

This was the morning of the mile long yard sale in River John, so we reluctantly got up earlier than we wanted to and  hied ourselves thither to check them out.  I'm delighted I did.  A woman was selling walking shorts and the like, in my size, for 2 bucks a pair.  Bought 3 pair plus a pair of pants and a polo shirt and 2 cd's for a total of 9 dollars.  Further down, I bought the first 2 seasons of Gilligan's Island on dvd for 8 dollars for both of them.  Also bought some cottage magazines for $3.75 and a couple of paperbacks and some more cd's.  That cleaned me out.  I didn't want to spend much cash today, and spent more than I had planned to; but the clothes were too tempting to pass up.  "Gilligan's Island" was, too, for that matter.

So I sit here, cashless, but with some cool stuff that I can actually use.  I still haven't found the kind of business card cases that I want to hold my Bevboy's Blog business cards, but I haven't stopped looking either.  Give me time.  They will turn up.  I am a patient Bevboy.

Tonight there is an RJ parade through the downtown.  There are fireworks if the weather permits.  Our cottage neighbours will doubtless have their own fireworks and scare the shit out of the cats again.

Our vacation is now half over.  I am not sure where the time has gone so far.  But there are still 8 days left before we have to return to Hali.  7 days from today is when the horror con/festival is happening in Tatamagouche, and my opportunity to meet the actor who played Leatherface in the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".  That will be sweet!

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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