Sunday, August 7, 2011

Post 1714 - A Censored Post Title

We are back in the city.  As I promised some time ago, I will no longer use the "Back in the City" post title, which is why I called this post what I did.

We both return to work in the morning.  We both would rather be at the cottage.  Save for the trespassers who feel entitled to cut across the property to get to and from the beach, the place is like Heaven to us.


Trespassing bothers us that much.  It is rude. It is inconsiderate.  It is illegal.  And the cops don't give enough of a shit about it to do anything.  Which makes us even angrier.   If you don't understand where we're coming from, then I don't know what to say to you.  You probably trespass and don't think it's a big deal.  I feel sorry for you.

Anyway, we had a restful 2 weeks in Pictou County.  We read some.  We watched a bunch of movies and tv shows like "The Game of Thrones"  on the dvd player we have down there.  I got to meet Ann and Gene at East Coast FM.  We had some great coffee at the Saint Cinnamon in New Glasgow.  I attended the very first Summer Fear con in  Tatamagouche.  We had some good food.  Our American friends finally returned to their nearby cottage.  And we slept a whole lot, victims of the notorious "sleeping sickness" that infects us both when we're down there.

Tomorrow I return to my work, and wonder what wonders await me.  Is my promised privacy panel in place?  Did they fix the overhead storage thingy so that I can actually open the sucker?

5:30 comes very early when you have been sleeping in until 9 or 10 most mornings for the last 2 weeks.  Mighty early.  It's now 9:38, so perhaps I should calm down from an entertaining vacation and toddle off to bed.

See you tomorrow.



kevin.tillman said...

Bev i was intrigued by the subject and read further. Then i was thinking is it truly illegal to trespass as you described? So i read this:

Entry or certain activity on premises

3 (1) Every person who, without legal justification...

(a) enters on premises that is a lawn...

is guilty of an offence and on summary conviction is liable to a fine of not more than five hundred dollars.

No prosecution for recreational activity

2) No person may be prosecuted for contravening any notice given pursuant to this Act prohibiting entry or prohibiting activity on forest land if that person is hunting as defined in the Wildlife Act, fishing, picnicking, camping, hiking, skiing or engaged in another recreational activity or engaged in a study of flora or fauna.


I bet you'll find Police stay away from cottage owners complaints in general because of the vagueness of 'No prosecution for recreational activities'

Bevboy said...

Kevin, I have researched this as well. There is legislation that ostensibliy protects property owners, which you cited; but we have to prove that the property is ours (well, Patricia's!). To do that, we need to hire surveyors to define the exact property. We have a plot map, and we know it's Patricia's land; but we have to prove it. Surveyors cost 1000's of dollars.

The thing is, these yahoos know damn well they're trespassing. Their slack-jawed, vacant expressions just tell me that they don't care, and don't understand why this is upsetting to us, or understand much of anything at all. They remind me of zombies, except that they probably don't eat human flesh.

At least zombies are honest about their stupidity and disrespect for private property.



Gene said...

Hey Bev! It's Gene here...recognized your picture from your business card! thanks for the mention even if i am years late!!

Bevboy said...

Gene, thanks for finding me, some two and a half years later.

How are you doing? I know you have long since left East Coast FM, but where did you go, and what are you up to now?

Radio geeks like me have to know.

All the best to you in 2014, sir!