Monday, August 8, 2011

Post 1715 - The First Day Back

It's the first day  back after vacation, and boy, are my arms tired!  Ha ha.

My migraines are acting up tonight.  This is a consequence of being born into a family that suffers from them.  It means there are days and nights when I can't do anything, where even the thought of food makes me want to hurl, and where I just need to take either a zomig pill or sleep the night away.

This migraine isn't as bad.  It is just a dull ache behind my eyes that is reminding me that I should call it a night a bit early, and I will.

There is a bit of breaking news.  I am at 476 or so Facebook friends and wanna hit 500 by month's end.  If you want to help me out, look me up on Facebook and send me a friend request.   I will accept your request  even if you are an axe murderer.

I may have a job for that person if he doesn't mind taking care of our problem with trespassers at the cottage, come to think of it.


Yeah.  Axe murderers: Send me a FB friend request.  We gotta talk.

See you tomorrow.


1 comment:

Sandell said...

Your axe murderer comments sure are not something you'd like to LOG on your blog.

You'd probably be in a better position if you STUMP the cops as they investigate whatever the axe murderer might do on your property or next door to it.