Thursday, August 11, 2011

Post 1718 - The Most Boring Bevboy's Blog Post Ever!

Frig, it's hard to come up with something to write about on this blog, day in and day out.  Some days, my life is so devoid of incident that I am at a loss of what to write about.

I mean, here are the exciting things I did today:

I went to The Bargain Shop, a store next door to my work, to purchase some canned goods to store in my desk for days when I forget to take my lunch.  This will save me the cost of purchasing something somewhere.  Of course, I'll be so tired of  Chef Boyardee Ravioi that I will go out of my way to take something meaningful for my lunch every day.

Speaking of which, my lunch today was a left over piece of shoe leather steak from dinner last night.  It was just as... well, what word can I use?  Tough?  Chewy?  More trouble than it's worth?  I get the feeling that John Cabot used to walk around in a pair of boots fashioned from the same cow that this piece of steak came from.

(Ha!  Q104 right now is playing "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.  Every time I hear that song, I think of the SNL skit.  "What we need is more cow bell!")

What else did I do today that you would care about?  Hmm.  Oh, yes. Patricia and I have arranged how we will get home now.   I don't work downtown any longer.  She still does.  She now gets the bus to and from Young Street every morning and afternoon.  We rendezvous at the Superstore across from my work.  This afternoon, I sat in the car for 20+ minutes because she had missed an earlier bus because she can't find her damned watch.  She bought a new watch this evening at the afore-mentioned Bargain Shop.

Before she bought the watch, however, she and I had dinner in the same strip mall.  We ate a very nice meal at Michael's Bar and Grill.  She had pan-fried haddock with a spinach salad; I had the Michael's burger with garlic mashed potatoes.  These were only the best mashed potatoes I have had in my entire life.  We shared a strawberry daiquiri cheese cake.  I noted with pleasure that Michael's now has an all-you-can-eat breakfast during the week, from 9-11.  I will have to check it out sometime.

After that, we bought some wet cat food.  The cats were pissed at us for only giving them dry victuals this week.  We ran out of that stuff at the cottage last week and didn't have a chance to buy any more until this evening.

We returned home and... that's the last thing I remember.  I thought I'd take a nap and I was out until past 9:30.  I got up and discovered Patricia asleep on the couch.  So much for her going to the cottage this evening!

It is now pushing midnight.  I will return to bed shortly.  I will get up early Friday morning and go to my mother's for a few days.  She will work me like a show pony, work me until I beg for mercy, which will not be forthcoming.  After each day's labour, I will collapse in a shivering, frightened, exhausted heap on my bed.  Newbie will nuzzle me once in a while to see if I am still alive.  

So, as you can see, this was not a very exciting day for me.   You will agree that this post is not very interesting.  I will try to write something better, once I have taken my meds and my mother has given me a brief respite from all the work she has planned for me.

Whatever I write tomorrow can't be any worse than what I wrote today.


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