Friday, August 12, 2011

Post 1719 - A Cool Prize!

These humble,  possibly pathetic, words emanate from my netbook.  I am sitting in the children's section of the Port Williams library on Friday afternoon, not in the hope of meeting a child, which is creepy and wrong, but because there is a decent couch here and I can type away in relative peace.  I think the librarian and I are the only ones here right now.

I drove up from the city this morning.  Patricia is at the cottage, so if you want to break into my house, knock yourself out.  You crazy kids know where I live anyway, don't you?  I have all kinds of cool things for you to steal from me.  I even washed my underwear this week, so if you need some clean ones, you're in luck.  I did the dishes this morning, so there are clean plates for you to throw around to your heart's content.  Good times.  Good times.

While I was washing my dishes, the ones you can throw around the house to your heart's content, I tuned into Live 105, the modern rock station here in Hali.  I have extolled the station's many virtues here in past posts.

I am glad I did tune in.  I always am.  But today was special.

They have a contest just after 7am called "Which One and Why?"  You call in.  Cub and Floyd ask you seemingly impossible questions, and you have to choose one of the items they offer and justify your decision.  I had the following choices:

Between wearing the same pair of underwear a year or licking peanut butter off a homeless person's foot.

Between humping every person who says "like" or vomiting during a certain circumstance.

Between ... crap, I forget the last one.  It will occur to me, and I will update the post accordingly.

I mentioned I'd rather wear the underwear for a year because homeless people are gross.  I'd hump because I don't have enough friends.  And... frig, I just can't remember the other situation.

Floyd answered the questions as well and justified her own decisions.

For humiliating myself, I won a new Android smart phone.  I have but to pick it up at the radio station, and then buy some kind of data plan for it.

This is a pretty cool prize.  Already, I have had some FB friends express jealousy and offer to take it off my hands. Sorry, folks.  I think I'll hold on to it, unless it's some girly colour or something.  If it is, then all bets are off, because I'm not a girl.  As the blog says, I am a boy.

My admiration for Live 105 grows by the day.  I am at the point in my life where, when I see a video on tv, I am  not always sure which phrase is the name of the band, and which phrase is the name of the song.  Most of this music is news to me, but I am still enjoying it a great deal.

When I get the phone I will tell you all about it.  Since I'm in the Valley until Monday afternoon, I probably won't be able to pick up until late Monday or lunch time on Tuesday.  But rest assured, my lovelies.  You will hear all about it.

I may never shut up about it, actually.

At least, not until you break into my house, steal my underwear, and throw my dishes around.



kevin.tillman said...

Nice. Droids are the best. I got a free google hat yesterday. Trade ?

Bevboy said...

That sounds almost fair, Kevin. Tell you what: If it is some girly coloured device with a picture of Justin Bieber on the back, we can perhaps do a trade.