Sunday, August 14, 2011

Post 1721 - A Day In The Valley

It is around 3pm.  I am a the Just US! coffee shop in downtown Wolfville typing away on my netbook.  The Just US! internet wifi is spotty this afternoon, and my computer is dropping and re-connecting every couple of minutes.

I slept in this morning and only got up with some reluctance.  By 10 this morning, I was outside use the whipper snipper thingy to cut down some of the weeds behind the garage.  Years ago, my father had a pretty thriving vegetable garden in that location.  I still remember the year when a few pumpkin seeds got mixed in to a package of tomatoes.  The pumpkins took over the patch, and every second meal prepared in the home that summer and fall contained that vegetable.   Pumpkin pies were no longer a treat.  Neither were pumpkin tarts.  Pumpkin soup was no longer a luxury item in the household.   There was no shortage of jackolantern's that Hallowe'en.   You get my drift.

I  am sipping away at an iced moccaccino.  I think that's how you spell it.  It tastes too good to be good for me.  I want to have a second one. There is enough cash on my Just US pre-paid card to buy a couple more of them.  Since I no longer work downtown close to a Just US, I have to come here to use that card.  Who knows when I'll be here again.

I'm having coffee with Heidi, a woman I went to high school with back in the day.  We re-connected after many years on Facebook.  I have written before that FB has helped me connect with old friends in a way that would never have been possible prior to social networking sites like FB.  I see the upsides of things like FB and Google+ and Twitter much more so than the downsides.  She'll be here shortly, and this blog post will end shortly.

Not much else to report.  I hope to resume transcribing the Dan Barton interview this evening.  There is but one more audio file to go through.  it is 31 minutes long and will take me 2-3 hours of work to go through, maybe more, given my attention span these days.  I think that you will enjoy the interview, as Dan provides many interesting insights into radio.  He knows everybody, and everybody knows him.

Heidi will be here in a moment.  I guess I will draw this Bevboy's Blog to a close.

See you tomorrow.


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