Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post 1723 - A Not So Smartphone

First day back to work after 4 days off.  Yep.  I got a headache today.

I picked up the new smartphone yesterday.  In looking at it, and seeing how Patricia was looking at it, I knew better than to come between it and her.  I let Patricia have the phone, and she activated it this evening after work.

The phone looks interesting, but I am dubious about its build quality.  Any phone that has a  hinge and can be flipped open to reveal a physical keyboard sounds like something that may not make it with you through life's journey, or even to the corner store if you drop the thing along the way.  That would disappoint me.

Patricia is captivated by the device, and I must admit, it looks neat.  It is a square thing about the size of a make up compact, or at least the ones I see on television because of course I don't own one, and never would.  The screen is very small and many things are squeezed in that space, giving it a crowded look.  The online reviews I have read are pretty mixed, with some people swearing by it, and some people swearing at it.    Haven't seen anybody swear on it yet.  Probably uncomfortable.  And swearing in it sounds like a physical impossibility.

I think I just ran out of prepositions.

Patricia will likely have a lot of fun with the smartphone.  I will continue to have the BlackBerry.  If the day ever comes when I don't, I'll get a device that has a similar form factor as a BB.  I may even get a BlackBerry, if RIM hasn't folded up its tent and gone the way of the 8 track, the dodo bird, or John Cabot Trail.

(I'm sorry.  You have to be from Nova Scotia and be a certain age to get the John Cabot Trail reference.  Of course, the fact that you haven't heard of him proves my point, doesn't it? )

We had dinner nearby and returned home.  Patricia was gonna do some laundry tonight, but decided to lie down for a brief rest.  That was over 3 hours ago.  I had a rest too, but got up about 60 minutes afterward to come down here and surf for a while.  It has taken me this long to think of something to write about.

Some would argue, I still haven't.

See you tomorrow.


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Sandell said...

Very interesting choice of prepositions - by, at, on and in.

How about over and under?

I'm beside myself - I can't thingk of any more either.