Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Post 1724 - Half Over

It's Wednesday night.  The end of a long day.  I take comfort that I will be back at the cottage in about 47  hours' time.

I transcribed another 7 minutes of the Dan Barton interview today.  About 14 minutes left.  I will keep chipping away at it.  I have got to find a way to try to automate this process.  Some kind of echo dictation might be the best approach.

Just to show you how exciting my life is, I thought I'd tell you that tomorrow night, after work, we're going to the No Frills store in Spryfield.  We haven't been there in a few weeks, before vacation.  The only thing they don't have is sushi, and I can live without that.

Thought I'd end tonight's blog post with a viral video.  It's hard to parallel park, right?  I could do it without much problem for years; but recently, I have lost my mojo.  I struggle with it.

This guy doesn't.

See you tomorrow.



Bluenose Sidecar Tours said...

I'd like to see him get OUT of that spot, though....

Bluenose Sidecar Tours said...

Nice job, but I'd like to see him try to get OUT of it.

Bevboy said...

He probably had to wait for one of the cars to leave.