Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Post 1731 - I Was Wrong

I wrote yesterday about Jim Shooter.  I figured that he would not have read the post in which I wrote about the crap he put up with over the years and apologized to him for not having considered that there might be another side to that story.

I was wrong.

He did read yesterday's post.  Afterward, he took a moment and wrote me a 6 word comment.  I appreciate the fact that he took the time to do this.

Let's see.   What else happened today?  I had 3 cups of coffee.  I usually only have 2.  I will probably be up all night.

Tomorrow morning, before I go to work, I will drop off my car to have its regular oil change.  The "change the oil, you cheap bastard" light came on a few days ago.  I'm told that it comes on based on a counter.  Once it reaches that counter, you have to take it into a shop to get the work done that it "expects" to be done.   The mechanic will do whatever he does to reset the counter back to zero.  I guess there are websites that will explain how to reset the counter yourself, but it seems like a lot of bother when it's there to remind you to get the oil changed.  So, I will.

For some reason, this evening I started thinking about the old SNL skit featuring Christopher Walken as record producer Bruce Dickinson trying to coerce a good performance of "Don't Fear the Reaper" out of Blue Oyster Cult.  He keeps asking for more cowbell.   I'm not necessarily up on these things, but "More Cowbell" became enough of a catch phrase around 2000 that it made it t-shirts and the like.  There's actually a wikipedia article about it.  I'm always 10 years behind the times.   I figure I will start liking Lady Gaga around the time I retire, 2020 or so.

It's very hard to find SNL skits on youtube; they tend to be removed toot sweet by people who look for such things.   But, here's a poor quality version of... the cowbell skit!

See you tomorrow.


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