Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post 1735 – My Sunday!

I am back in the city after having worn myself out again at my mother’s this weekend. 

I returned this afternoon.  At times, traces of Hurricane Irene threatened to blow me off the road. 

One funny thing happened this afternoon: I dropped into Superstore in Bayers Lake, wanting to pick up some seafood.  I noticed a familiar person there and said hello.  Turned out it was our cottage neighbour.  We hadn’t seen him in several weeks; against all odds, there he was.  I put him on the phone with Patricia for a moment.  While she was doing so, she could look out the window and see his wife outside.  Small world.

I puttered around the house this afternoon and well into the evening.  The male geek’s equivalent of a woman’s staying home and washing her hair was performed for some time.  I ripped some cd’s I had acquired over the last 10 months or so and proceeded to copy some cd’s full of old time radio shows to my hard drive.  When that fun task is complete, I’ll probably copy all the music from my hard drive along with the pictures I’ve acquired over the last years and the Bevboy’s Blog files, to an external hard drive.  Once I have copied everything from that hard drive that I want, I will probably blow that desktop away. 

Yes, that is the computer that has Vista on it.  I have a perfectly legal copy of XP at home and may put that on it.  Or, maybe, I’ll put ubuntu on it and then run xp inside ubuntu as I am pretty sure ubuntu supports virtual machines.  Or, maybe I’ll upgrade the ram in the machine and put 7 on it. 

I know that doing nothing is not an option.  Vista is the worst operating system that’s ever existed and makes that poor machine work 10x harder than it should have to.  It’s like the brain trust at Microsoft all went on vacation at once and let a bunch of Summer students devise an OS.  Frig, I hate Vista.  I dread even turning on that computer for fear it will go into some endless update routine that it will back out of and restore itself to where it started, making the computer unusable for 30 minutes or so.

Hey, it’s a 4 day work week for me.  I like that.  And, next week, it’s another 4 days work week.  I like that even better.  I promise to think about you non-civil servants while I’m at the cottage.  Or not.  I haven’t decided just yet.

See you tomorrow.


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