Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post 1738 - Tasty Mollusks

It was a long day at work and not a fun afternoon.  I was looking forward to coming home and having the long-promised linguine with clams.

Patricia bought some fresh, living clams this past weekend in Tatamagouche and brought them back home on Monday.  She cooked them for dinner tonight.

All I can say is: Yum, yum.

The clams were mostly still alive and made little noises before Patricia dunked them in boiling water.  They seemed to say, "Don't boil  me!  I'm  not that delicious!"  Patricia ignored them and dunked them anyway.

Around 8pm, she called me up from the home office.  I ate 3 servings of the stuff and could likely have stuffed more in my face if I had jumped  up and down for 10 minutes before dinner.

At least there is enough for lunch tomorrow.

At least, there is enough for her.  She only had one serving.  May still be Chef Boyardee for moi.


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