Thursday, September 1, 2011

Post 1739 - A Very Long Day

It is now past 11pm. I got up some 18 hours ago. I worked all day, had dinner with Patricia at the Steak and Stein on Young Street (I also want to write it as #YoungStreet like I do on Twitter) and decided to drive to the cottage this evening.

I got here around 10:30. Newbie got sick in the car, which happens so often I am surprised when he doesn't.

A few minutes ago, I hooked up the digital to analog converter to the old tv in the living room. We have neither cable nor satellite here and no plans exist to get either. It has been spending the last 15 minutes or so finding all the digital channels within range. So far: 2. A whopping 2. I will soon see how well they come in.

I have never believed the statistic that 93% of Canadians have either cable or satellite. I know an awful lot of folks who have neither. I'm just your average blogger.

Some people can't afford it. Some don't want it because they go camping and speak to their spouses on a regular basis. Others make ample use of the internet and download stuff or stream Netflix. You can't tell me that only 7% of the population.

Anyway, one channel comes in very well. The other, CTV, pixellizes like crazy. Global doesn't exist.

I'm here through Monday. Expect a blog post every day.

See you tomorrow.

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