Friday, September 2, 2011

Post 1740 - Sleeping Sickness

Been one of those quiet days when not much happened. If my life were a 3 act play, today would be the middle, boring part that nobody remembered.

Patricia showed up here mid afternoon. She was as entranced as I was by the digital channels we get up here. It's just 3 of them, but now even Global is coming in fine. CBC looks really good, but is the weakest of the channels.

Watching these channels reminds me of the first time I saw colour television as a child. A neighbour in Port Williams had one so we went to visit them. So did lots of others. We'd never seen such a thing. It's kinda like that with this OTA digital stuff. Channels look and sound great. We're very pleased.

Tomorrow, we plan to go to Tatamagouche to the farmer's market. Or maybe we'll just nap for a long spell. Or watch some kid's show on the digital channels. Good times. Good times.

See you tomorrow.

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