Monday, September 5, 2011

Post 1743 - Bread Upon The Waters

I am back in the city and have some pretty updates.

On Sunday afternoon, my BlackBerry buzzed with the news of a comment to a blog post written some 2 years ago, one that dealt with Norm Riley, the disk jockey who worked at CJCH many years ago, and who went on to manage a number of people in the music industry.

People in Norm Riley's family found that blog post over the weekend and left a message.  They have also found me on Facebook.  We have been corresponding.

Without spilling too many beans, I may soon have a great deal of information to share with my readers about Norm "Pearshape" Riley.  I very much look forward to getting this information and telling you all about it.

Once again, Facebook and this silly blog have helped me.  I have met so many people who have been helpful to me, and made many friends, real and virtual, who have assisted me in my quest to (gradually) document the history of radio broadcasting in Nova Scotia.  I will never finish this quest any more than a fella can complete a game of break out on a computer.  For one thing, much of this information is verbal and not written down.  For another, stories conflict and memories play tricks on a person.

Notice the "Norm_Riley" label.  I think you will see many  more posts with the label, and sooner than you think.

I'm so excited!!


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