Friday, September 9, 2011

Post 1747 - A Friday Afternoon In The Valley

These humble, even-pathetic, words emanate from my netbook, which is linked to the the open wifi connection at the Port Williams library.

It has become a sunny and warm day.  When I return to my mother's I think I will mow her lawn.  It needs it.  I mean, it doesn't need it as much as my own lawn does in Halifax, but it's getting close.  The colony of pygmies that live in the brush behind my house are hearing rumours of a similar lawn in the Annapolis Valley, and are thinking of checking it out.  I want to forestall that from happening.

It has been a quiet few days here.  I had thought the excitement level would have reached its crescendo by now.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case and won't be the case today.  Let's hope for Saturday.

Newbie has been pissed at me since we arrived on Wednesday afternoon.  I had a heck of a hard time getting him into his carrier; he had hidden in such a way that it took me forever just to find him.  His lingering resentment made him decide to hide from me on Thursday for hours and hours as well.   He seems to have come around just a bit today,  but the day isn't over yet.  Who knows how he will react when I return to my mother's shortly.  Probably pacing back and forth and looking at his watch and mewling.  Sounds about right.

Guess I'll call it a day.  There's a lawn to mow!

See you tomorrow.


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