Sunday, September 11, 2011

Post 1749 - Not What You Think

Most Sunday night blog posts seem to be about my return to the city. This one isn't, as I remain at my mother's. I remain here on business, probably for a few more days.

I needed to take my mind off some stuff, so this morning I cut out some wood and stuck it on the back of a shelving unit we found among Dad's things last year. I've been wanting to put it in the back of the basement next to where Dad fashioned himself a work area years ago.

(Note that the basement was Dad's part of the house. Mom and I seldom went down there. We found quite a few things after he passed.)

Anyway, I used carpenter's glue to stick the backing board in place. Once that set, I used his smaller cordless drill (the one I managed to find the charger for!) to screw in some small screw nails. 16, to be exact. The backing board is firmly in place. It ain't coming off.

I found the spot where I wanted to put the shelf. However, no matter what, I could not figure out how to hold the unit in one hand and drill holes in the unit and the beam with the other. For that matter, the drill was too weak to pierce the beam. I guess 14 volts isn't enough.

I hope to get some help to install the unit some night this week. One of us will hold the shelving unit while the other uses a more powerful cordless drill.

I hope Dad would approve. I mean, he'd blanch at the quality of my sawing this morning, and laugh his ass off over the times I screwed the nails in the wrong location, but I hope he'd approve of the idea behind it.

Like I said, this was a way to kill a few hours today and get something nearly done that I'd long wanted to do. I'm here for personal reasons and need these diversions to deal with the importance of dealing with these issues. I hope to find something similar to do on Monday.

I think Dad would approve of that, too.

See you tomorrow.

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