Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post 1759 - Toastmasters Tonight

I attended my first Toastmasters meeting in a few months this evening.  I don't discuss TM here much on the blog because, well, I figure most of you don't give a crap about it. But, I have been in TM for very nearly 20 years now and it's a relatively big part of my life.

A long-term member  did a presentation about the roles we perform in the club.  Then, we did Table Topics.  TT is a section of the meeting in which you speak off the cuff with little or no preparation time, given an established theme.  Tonight's was book titles.  You were given a book title and you were the writer of the book in question.  You had to explain why your book was so awesome and why people should buy it.

I had "Curious Ricky and the High-Voltage Fence".  I explained that "Curious Ricky" was slang for a person in the armed forces and a "High-Voltage Fence" was just that.  Long-time readers will recall I am not very good at metaphors.

I went on to say that I had a yacht and three ex-wives.  The current yacht is too small to hold me and my children.  This book, should you purchase it, would be an agreeable enough time filler and if enough of you bought it, it would purchase that new yacht.  You'd be happy to have read the book.  I'd be happy with the yacht.  Everybody's happy.

I didn't win the competition.  Someone else did.  But at least I got to be a top selling writer for a few minutes.

Back to reality.  Back to the blog.

See you tomorrow.


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