Saturday, September 24, 2011

Post 1762 - A Busy Saturday

I somehow crawled out of bed before 6 this morning, despite lingering soreness from yesterday's Exile Island adventures, to drive to the Valley to take my mother shopping.

Long- time readers will recall that my mother enjoys shopping and wears me out every time I take her. Despite some recent serious health set backs, she did not disappoint. We tore a hole out of New Minas and Wolfville, visiting store after store, until I begged her for surcease. She just smiled and opened up her purse and revealed yet another sales flyer with a dozen things circled on it. Sigh.

We eventually returned to her house. I'd decided to install a second hard drive in an older computer and did so. The hard drive came from yet another computer given to me by a neighbour a few months ago. The machine is gone but the 60gb hard drive remains useful.

I copied most of the contents of my mp3 player to this drive and proceeded to listen to some tunes. There is a lot of life left in that machine and I'm holding on to it.

Mom and I watched the season opener of Dancing with the Stars this evening. It's now 11pm and I think I'll turn in. I've been up 17 hours and have earned a good night's rest.

See you tomorrow.

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