Monday, September 26, 2011

Post 1764 - Monday Blahs

Just watched the pilot episode of "Terra Nova" on Fox.  I wish some of the money spent on special effects had been spent on a more compelling script.  And the future stuff seemed more interesting to where they moved back in time 85 million years.

Had to take a brief nap when I got home from work this evening.  That felt good, but it has thrown off my sleep pattern for the evening.  I will probably be awake until after midnight and then up again at 5:30.

We have decided to take a vacation day on Friday the 30th.  We plan to go on the Wolfville Ghost Walk on Thursday evening.  I have been raving about it to her ever since I went on the 15th.  She's psyched and wants to go.  She wants to see the various actors who play the characters from Wolfville's past.  I want to see it again.  Besides, Jeremy is a nice guy.

Tomorrow I'm taking an hour of personal time in the afternoon, an hour of vacation as it were.  I will be going to the radio station to get some pictures of Kate Milton to accompany the eventual interview that I will publish here.  It was too late last Thursday night to get pictures, and she's graciously giving me a few minutes at the top of her show for me to get those pictures and to shoot some video.   Thanks in advance, K8!

By the way, she discusses in the interview why she writes her name that way.  Watch for it.

Guess I'll go off to bed and count some sheep.  Sometimes, if I recite the legal call letters and frequencies of all the radio stations in Halifax, over and over, it makes me nod off.

See you tomorrow.


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steel44 said...

great to see you and aunt marion sunday bev