Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Post 1766 - Wednesday Was Better Again

Had a good day at work.  I was late for my coffee break and so was a buddy, so he and another co-worker took me to another coffee shop which had really good food and excellent coffee.  I may go back.  The place we usually go to gets very crowded when we're on break.  I can see why he'd want to check out other places.

Finally had a chance to begin transcribing the K8 interview today.  My plan is, as much as possible, to transcribe something every day.  I have already booked the next interview for Thursday the sixth.   I'm looking forward to it.  This is one of those interviews where the subject approached me, something that's happening more and more frequently.

After I finish these next two interviews, there is a whole list of folks who have agreed but have not been booked yet.   I will have enough work to keep me busy for months and months.  I will get to them all, I promise.

Had Toastmasters again this evening.  The room was full of folks.  I think we had a good half dozen guests, plus the Area Governor, plus the Division Governor.   Some of those guests have said they want to join the club.  We all had some good chuckles.  I may have made a few jokes that resulted in some of those chuckles.  Damned if I remember what any of those may have been.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which the last time I checked is one day closer to the weekend.  Looking forward to that.

You have a good evening, folks.  See you tomorrow.


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