Thursday, September 29, 2011

Post 1767 - Is It The Weekend Yet?

Had a long day at work.  Patricia has been off sick the last two days with a cold.  I am trying to avoid getting it, but my track record of doing so is poor.  This means I will be sick all weekend and return to work on Monday morning, feeling fit as a fiddle.  That's as axiomatic as two plus two equaling four.  

I transcribed a few more snippets in the Kate Milton interview during my lunch hour.  It is my hope to finish it in the next couple of weeks.  It is just as well because as things stand I will be sitting down with Jaclyn Irwin next week, and maybe Katey Day of LIte 92.9 the week after.  Jaclyn approached me after I spoke with Kate last week, and Katey saw some of my activity on Facebook today and piped in.  My dance card is filling up very quickly.  Of course, other people are waiting in the wings, to sit down with little old me.

Still blows me away that these radio people even want to talk to me.  I approach these interviews seriously.  I work frigging hard on them.  I speak to these folks as an adult and try to ask interesting questions.  One guy told me that he cited my interviews on his application to radio school.  That's gratifying, and a little scary.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the weekend.  I need these two days.  After all, I will have to fight this cold that I'm doubtless gonna get.

I'll get you for this, dear.


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